Wednesday, October 26

15mm SCI-FI Airbrushing in Progress.

15mm SCI-FI Work in Progress. 1-100th
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Early stages with these models after airbrushing. Lots of work to do to get them highlighted, washed and weathered.

I am using the Vallejo Model air paints with these models and an Iwata HP-C Plus airbrush + compressor. This is my extractor airbrush booth which has a small turntable and sucks spair paint out of my hobby room via a tube I stick out of the window.   I still wear a mask and goggles to keep the stuff out of my lungs.

Masking tape is Tamiya which is randomly cut up and stuck down. I started with a dark green base layer, then started masking before spraying with a lighter green. Finally I layered on some more tape before airbrushing a final brown layer on these 15mm scale SCI-FI mecha and tanks from GZG.