Tuesday, October 25

Basing Protolene from Critical Mass Games

These Protolene SCI-FI vehicles in 15mm from Critical Mass Games have mostly been based on metal disks with the exception of the Fenris model which is on plasti-card.

I then used the Windsor and Newton Texture gel mixed with fine sand for additional grit factor. The gel makes it very easy to build up to the edges of those large toe platforms under the small vehicles.

The legs on the bigger model are tricky and require some careful placement. I also wanted to keep the base size down so I angled in the toes on one side to keep it on a narrow plasticard base.  It was a case of using some blu-tac first to get a position before marking and then gluing the feet on the base.


  1. These are nice and I like the look of how you've assembled them. The dorsal turret doen't look like it would be very useful except for siege attacks.. I'd probably try to put more armament in the head.

  2. Thanks SJ. The smaller walkers work well on the round metal discs. I think they will paint up well.

  3. Great use of the lava gel... I've always wanted to try out that stuff.

    @SpaceJacker - I've always wondered why those transport walkers didn't come with chin guns, or maybe something on the front shoulders.

  4. They are very nice models and I am very angry with myself for not getting them finished yet!


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