Sunday, December 2

Print copy and PDF available now.

It is nearly 18Months since the initial launch of Gruntz v1 and since then it has been a really hard slog to maintain the focus and update this latest v1.1 release with player feedback and ideas from games played at conventions and locally. It is a bumper edition with the page count leaping from 88 to 135. There are more charts to explain the basics and some further tweaks. The core rules remain the same, so no major mechanical adjustments however the points system has been changed to create more a curve and differential between units. It is far from perfect but certainly a more complete cut of rules than the first edition. 

The rules can be purchased here

You can now purchase a print copy of Gruntz on the Wargames Vault. Existing purchasers of the current v1 PDF version should have received an email from the Wargames Vault today to confirm a download link to free update to v1.1.  If you login to your account there is a product section which will allow you to download the new update.  I am very happy to provide this as a free PDF update to existing owners of Gruntz because it is the players and feedback provided from the community that has 

There are some new goodies to make it worthwhile going for a full colour print version, with additional artwork, story content and charts.  The purchase now also includes a super-hi-res version of the Heliopause map in PNG format which is featured in the rules. You can download the PNG version to view on your PC, rather than relying on the smaller image in the printed copy. I am looking into a poster printer option for those that want it. The layout on the poster and design was completed by Michael Ptak who is famous for his support of the Homeworld PC game - he makes some of the coolest looking starmaps. Aris Kolehmainen provided the new faction logo's and some design work in the rules which are also stunning and feature on the map. 

The rules now also have additional artwork by Jake Parker, an artist that worked on films like Ice Age. The original tanks images by Istvan Pely (lead artist for Sony on Fallout3) are still in the rules and look great in print.

There are new faction intro stories in the book, written by Jennifer Brozek who is an award winning author with recent works completed for the Battletech setting. Jennifer's short intro's far surpass any ability I have for written story content and I was glued to them when I originally received them - they are well worth a read.


  1. Nice, just downloaded the update. Big thanks for making the update free to existing players, a really noble gesture on your part.

    Only flicked through so far, loving the new flow charts and the new pics.

  2. I really like the updated version of the rules. Thanks for taking care of you customers and giving us a free PDF copy. Keep up all the great work.

  3. I bought Gruntz v1 from Drive Thru RPG (same company as Wargame Vault) and am wondering if the same offer applies there. I chose Drive Thru RPG because I already had an account there, and they're basically just front ends for the same content.

    eg; if you change the above URL and just replace the "" to "" it goes to the same page.


  4. Oh yes please!!!

    I love the GRUNTS game!

  5. I've nominated you for a Liebster Awards, see my blog here for details.

  6. awesome! wish i could blow up the map. hope too see New Gabrielle on there!


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