15mm SCI-FI Video Painting Tutorials

These are a selection of video tutorials and painting guides which I have created for miniature painters. A range of the newer guides are for 15mm SCI-FI Miniatures They are in a range of scales and genres including SCI-FI and fantasy models. Each one is available in HD, so you can view them full screen on Youtube if you click the link on each embedded video. If you want to be instantly notified about new video releases, please follow this Youtube link to my channel and subscribe to me or follow me on Blogger.

You can see the all on the Youtube Channel (please subscribe) : http://www.youtube.com/user/trybeinganihilist  However it may be easier to browse here and get a view on the various videos which I introduce in the text below.

Step by step on a 15mm Gruntz model.
A full 30minute step by step on some Ground Zero Games 15mm NAC troops. Based on a metal hex base. I use highlighting and washes/inks on this model. There is also a note about future floor wax which is a remarkable chemical, cheap and easy to use with inks to improve the flow.

Using an Airbrush to complete 15mm Tank models
10 minutes with me and my airbrush tutorial. I talk through the primer and using my Aztek (now called Testors) airbrush to complete the camo on these Old Crow Models tanks. The camouflage is achieved by using a sticky "blu-tac" or "white-tac" masking technique. 

Weathering, chipping and washing 15mm Tanks
A full 10minute guide and tutorial to using inks and how to use Tamiya weathering master to achieve a very fast gaming standard look for 15mm vehicle models. 

Basing 15mm Miniatures
A short Youtube video tutorial explaining how I prepare and base 15mm miniatures before paint is added to the model. I now actually use a UK 5 pence piece, rather than pre-made bases but you still get a good overview in this guide.

Overview on drybrushing 6mm models
An overview of drybrushing on some 6mm models being prepared for a Gruntz game. The same paints and method can be used on 15mm sci-fi models.

Quick view on airbrushing 6mm GHQ tank.
A short video on airbrushing some 6mm tanks.

Three 6mm tutorials for AK Interactive washes.
The three following videos are on airbrushing 6mm Epic Dreadnoughts and using some AK interactive filters. You do need to watch all threes short videos to get a good look at how the three colors from the Lifecolor paint range work. They are only short.

Two part guide from clean up to final dull coat.
This is Part one of a two part guide on painting in a step by step tutorial for some Japanese 15mm Power Armour models from GZG.
This is Part two of the rough guide to painting some Power Armour models. It uses a wash or dipping style technique with a brown/chestnut style ink. I actually think I use the Griffon Sepia colour from Games Workshop.

Painting guide for Ninja Magic Jun-ila Space Ships
A complete miniature painting tutorial from base coat through to the final matte varnish.

Adding Decals
Using Microsol to add decals onto models.  This video can work as a guide or tutorial for 15mm or any scale of gaming. I use the Brigade Aeronef models here to show a bit of a clumsy example of me adding decals. It is actually the bother of trying to keep my hands in the frame for filming that causes me some issues. It is a smoother process when I am not on camera! 

Painting tutorial for Zandris IV Ships
A complete miniature painting tutorial from base coat through to the final matte varnish for some fleet style spaceships used in Full Thrust.