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Full Thrust GZG

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Next weekend I have a couple of gaming events coming up. First off I am joining a Full Thrust space ship combat game in Bognor Regis on Saturday, followed by a wargames convention in Tonbridge called Cavalier on the Sunday.

I used to attend Cavalier when the venue was a school, which was a few years ago and it is about time I gave it another visit in the new Angel centre venue.

There are a some good traders attending including Black Hat who do the 18mm scale Martian Empires miniatures

For my Full Thrust game on Saturday I will be pulling out my old Full Thrust Federal Stats Europa (FSE) fleet and possibly dropping in a couple of my "With Hostile Intent" miniatures. My fleet is the earlier MKI Full Thrust from the 90's (and painted in the 90's) and I think the newer models which Jon at GZG re-sculpted are nicer than these ones.  I think I can now paint better than these early examples. I can't actually remember when I painted them but possibly 1997.

These are the core of my FSE star fleet:

Full Thrust FSE Command

This is my carrier.
Federal Stats Europa Carrier Spaceship

My newer Ninja Magic "With Hostile Intent" Miniatures are now based on a combination of the Ground Zero Games large hex's and the Ninja Magic magnetic adapters.  In this photo you can also see a couple of Zandris IV models which are star ship models which look a little like the Homeworld computer game.

I have yet to create some Full Thrust statistics for these models and after a quick web search I have found some nice Adobe Illustrator icon / graphics templates for Full Thrust on the Spinward Stars website. Once I have them created I will share the details.

Ninja Magic Jun-ila Ships

Example videos of how I painted these miniatures can be found on my youtube channel.

Ninja Magic Jun-ila Ships


  1. Great painting.
    Love those Zandris models.

  2. G'Day

    Always nice to see fighters on the flight deck of a carrier



  3. Eh Full thrust in Bognor !!!!! Was that at a club or at a friends house?? The only clubs around there play Bloodbowl or 40K

  4. Those look amazing! I happen to love spaceships so this is right up my alley as well! I'm going to have to check out those models! :-)


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