Thursday, November 14

GZG and Gruntz at Warfare Show 2019

This weekend is the bookend to most of the major UK wargames conventions and shows in 2019. It is Warfare which is over 2 days in Reading at the Rivermead Sports Centre.

I will be attending the show on Saturday to check out the latest releases from GZG and I will be taking my video gear and promise to get some super close up footage of the GZG booth, with an overview of new items on sale.

I did take a long video back in April at Salute, so if you have some spare time you can catch an overview of the GZG and Brigade Models gear from Salute 2019 which is linked in this posting.  If you had anything in particular you would like me to video, let me know and I will add it to a list of things to capture.  I understand Jon at GZG does have some brand new 15mm goodies at the show which I will look out for.

Also if you spot some idiot around the show with a camera on a large monopod, looking like a wally,  please say hello to me.

Some GZG Crustie Model action in a game of Gruntz v2 (playtest)

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