Tuesday, November 29

SCA Urban Peacekeeper Force

Early Work in Progress
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Early work in progress on an urban SCA peacekeeper force. Airbrushing is complete and the decals have been added. I used Microsol to seal the decals which makes them very flat and smooth. After the Decals I used a coat of purity seal varnish from GW to seal everything ready for weathering which I have started with Oil paint and thinners.

The first coat of airbrush paint was Tamiya and I suffered as normal with super dry crumbs of paint. This dusty finish is the reason I switched to Vallejo and I was disappointed because it makes weathering difficult with a rough texture on the tanks. I am happy to make do though and will remember to dump the Tamiya before the next job. I am sure they are good airbrush paints but whatever I try with pressure and the alcohol mix I still get a sand blast effect. Back to Model Air again next time and I need some new colours.


  1. They look good, I've heard bad reports about Tamiya if you don't use their thinners. I have read reports that Vallejo Air is flawless.

    The models look cohesive and are taking shape nicely.

  2. I used to use Tamiya in my airbrush, before they reformulated it back in the mid 90s'. Back then you could use Formula 409 as a straight thinner with a 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 mix ratio. Always came out perfect.
    Excellent looking models Robin.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I am now pretty much 100% set on using the Model Air from Vallejo. I have had so many tricky issues with Tamiya and the model air never gives me any issues.


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