Thursday, December 1

Airbrush Tips for Miniature gaming

I have recently been getting back into using my airbrush and wanted to share the video which inspired me to get into the airbrush world again. Scale Model Medic was an inspiration with his quality videos and calm instruction on the best kit and paints to use.

After some correspondance with him I decided to switch to the Vallejo Model Air paints and starting using the Iwata HP-C Plus airbrush which is featured in his video link below.

I used to have an entry level Aztek (now Testors) airbrush with interchangeable needles. It was a good airbrush but could occasionally cause me some problems with paint flow. However I still think it is a great airbrush and would use it again. The Iwata HP-C Plus is much smoother to use and I am more confident in the results from the very fine needle point.

Have a look at Scale Model Medic's airbrush guide below, he has some great videos which are worth following for tips in any scale.

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