Friday, July 1

How big is 15mm?

Kravak 15mm SCI-FI Wargaming Figures
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15mm scale can be a bit of mystery and it is easy to look at 15mm in on-line web sites and think they just look like slightly small and sometimes chunkier 28mm. The 15mm SCI-FI Tanks and Vehicles are the worst in that they look almost 28mm in scale until they arrive in the post and you then realise just how amazing and small they are!

In the past I have seen a 15mm scale tank and thought it looked chunky and lacking in detail in a web store. Then you see them in the flesh and realise they are about a quarter of the size you expected, so what looked like chunky detail is in fact amazingly fine panelling work.

In this old photo of mine from 2004 (bloody hell time flies!) you can see a 28/33mm scale heroic figure with the GZG Kra-Vak and a Hammers Slammer in 15mm.

15mm SCI-FI used to be mostly either models you would see at wargames shows or older Traveller figures (I have them all in a box somewhere) that did not get much of a public outing - apart from mostly UK wargames shows.

I am looking forward to seeing more 15mm at shows and the big range of companies producing the scale is a good indication of the success of the smaller scale.


  1. As I am relatively new to the 15mm world as a whole...about 8 months, my collection is growing, and I have a decent mix started. Now, I have FoW tanks and some tanks from Rebel and WOW the sizes are vastly different! I chalk it up the the Merka's being fictional and huge in their universe as the tanks of FoW are to scale og their true size in 15mm. Am I correct in assuming this, or is there a scale issue?

  2. I know what you mean. I often photograph my minis and get immediately disappointed in how crude they look up close. A friend of mine checking out the blog thought they were 28mm and was surprised when I told him the scale. I'm starting to think the occasional scale indicating object in the photos might help, as you've posted today.


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