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A year long project is almost over and for a while in the last two Months I was feeling defeated by the shear amount of work needed on Gruntz 15mm. Like the knight on the right in my photo, I was feeling battered!

Worst of all, whilst completing a project like Gruntz I have to prioritise the work over much of the personal painting projects, although we did put a lot of time into the terrain boards and models for the Salute show this year, so I was able to do some modelling hobby work for wargames.

It is thanks to all the support in the Yahoo group, help from the 15mm SCI-FI community and my local gaming friends that got me through these last couple of game development and design stages.

Gruntz is now out being proof read, with a view to an imminent release. It has been continually proofed throughout the last year by some great members of the community, so this final hurdle is more of a formality to ensure the glaring typo's, layout and grammer issues are fixed.

Despite trying to make it perfect there will still be a period of feedback and re-thinking when this version 1 is made available. There will be work needed to keep improving the rules, so I am ready to listen and adapt after release.

Via Flickr:
National Maritime Museum fight with Knight. This was a really hard strike to the shoulder (not a pulled blow) and resulted in the chaps hand slipping from the hilt of his sword.

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