Tuesday, October 5

October Workbench Mecha 15mm

This last two weeks I have officially become intolerant of Superglue.  I am not sure I can take any more HydroquinoneEthyl 2-cyanoacrylate, and Polymethyl methacrylate.  I do use adequate ventilation and a quick accelerator spray to minimise exposure but I officially hate the stuff.  I now leave figures on an open window sill to cure, to avoid breathing in the stuff but it is difficult to avoid when actually gluing the models together.

With a Grunts participation game going on the road with the first game at SELWG in October I have accelerated efforts to get the 15mm SCI-FI models ready for the wargame.

I have several existing options for terrain boards to take to the show but I also have a grand plan to produce a major bridge and city terrain piece to act as a demo board. This is not likely to be ready until Reading Warfare in November and even then it is a stretch, I will need to get my foam cutter and glue gun out and ready.

On the table at the moment are a mix of Ground Zero Games (GZG) New Israeli Troops, Kra'vak troopers and a varied mix of specialists for the Grunts games which include Spider Drones, Medic's, Engineers and Drone control units.

The two Roach VTOL's are also now base sprayed, one in troop deploy mode and the other in flight mode. 

The other work in progress is a large Mech, which is now at a stage where I am not sure I can be bothered to do any more detailing! So it might get a matte coat after some quick decals are added from Fighting Pirana graphics. 

Photos below.


  1. The Mad Cat looks great! Is it the "Museum Scale" one?

  2. Looks like it is from the pics - how tall is it? Looks like it may even be 15mm-ish. In UK can get it from Ral Partha UK. Very tempting and they do a Vulture, Atlas and a Zeus too.

  3. Yes Museum scale, they are near enough to 15mm. The Atlas will be a little short but the Zeus looks perfect. I did not bother with the Vulture because it has exactly the same feet as the Mad Cat

  4. Capital stuff on your worktable as always ... would love to participate in one of your demo games!
    Btw; have you tried gluing the stuff under the (turned on) kitchen hood? It could help minimising the exposure to the fumes.

  5. Well just spent an easy £50 (don't tell the Mrs) on two Madcats....... and it's all your fault!

    Now to start figuring out the Gruntz! stats for it.

  6. Grunts Stats already down. They are in the Yahoo group under the profile cards - called Wolf mech or similar I think.


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