Monday, July 12

Savage Worlds 15mm

Savage Worlds Wargame
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I have uploaded a couple of photos of a Savage Worlds game with 15mm GZG figures. In retrospect I don't think Savage Worlds works with 15mm, squad games or tight corridor fights.

Savage for me is about the freedom of playing a game with an adventure spirit where the game is more roleplaying than it is wargaming.  I can't get a move scale to work at 15mm with Savage and find just converting inches to cm's does not provide enough movement on the table.

I still enjoyed the session but I don't think I will use savage for a sci-fi skirmish again. More of the photos are up on Click the photo above to view them.

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  1. I use 15mm with Savage Worlds, but I used a different conversion of the ground scale, instead of inches to to centimeters I went from their 1 inch is two yards to 1 centimeter is one meter thus the movement increment 2cm per inch.


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