Wednesday, October 30

New Email subscribe List for Gruntz15mm

Yahoo email groups are being put down and I understand the massive archive of messages are bring stored in a disused Russian Nuclear moonbase, printed out and stuff into the level 4 gender neutral restroom.  There is a visa programme for people wanting to view and read through the printed material.  The alternative.....

If you would like to continue to lurk and view new email based subscriber content without the pain of joining facebook or having to mess around with Forum messages and passwords, please subscribe to this group below on   Just like Yahoo they are light or free of adverts and its an easy to subscribe email service. I think the best option is to sign up on the URL, however you can simply just subscribe by the email address details below should you not want to sign up to their full web site.

Like Yahoo there are growing numbers of groups to join on related topics. The URL here for sign up is here:

However for quick subscription you can subscribe with the following email address details. Group Email Addresses Post: Subscribe: Unsubscribe: Group Owner: Help:

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