Thursday, October 31

Gruntz V2 update

Thanks again to recent new sign ups to the Gruntz new email group. This group avoids members having to join facebook or mess about with forum membership which can also be frequented by trolls etc.

A reminder again here of the the URL here for sign up of the email only group:

Gruntz V2 is going through playtest, I have some great feedback from a small group of players that have provided great feedback. I will be feeding that into my own games in the next few weeks. I have had a change recently in job which resulted in me pushing my brain into 6th gear for a few months as I come up to speed with a new working environment and people. It sadly resulted in me downing tools on the rules updates and even the painting guides were dropped.  I do however have a lot of painted forces now for Gruntz V2 due to extended activity. I spent a lot of time picking bases, organising the models etc and managed to get through a large chunk of miniatures in the backlog through this summer.

My local gaming buddie Jonathan Rogers also got his painted mojo up to full steam and his Crustie force from GZG has expanded massively.  We have enough new painted material to take some excellent photos for the rules with clear play guides and the usual eye candy required for a professional looking book.

Like I did with he Imperial Skies rulebook, I will be teaming up with some miniature makers to produce a bundle with the rules as a Kickstarter. This will be a combination of dice, templates, cards and possibly some unique 15mm models.  So similar to the Imperial Skies project and with a short timeframe because I will be 90% complete on the book and plan when I run the campaign, rather than a lengthy waiting period for backers.

I have some excellent new artwork for the rules which has been a chunk of money this summer with various different styles picked up. It will include some vehicle art and a selection of unique Mecha that have been drawn by a well known artist.  I have yet to confirm cover art, so more work required there.

Here is a shot from my workbench which is not looking as tidy due to various issues in the last few weeks. I will be putting some comprehensive play guides together for the rules with a lot of attention to detail in video format.  This has already started for playtesting and will be extended out to all areas of the new rules with examples of play etc.

I am booked for Salute 2020 in London to put on a big demo type game.  It is always hard work getting prepared and I have memories of cold winters in the garage building out terrain and models for it.

For those interested this posting has been place on my blogger website site at and the new email group has a good automatic method of pulling these articles out and into the email group.  So in addition to Facebook I will post news through the group.

In related exiting timeline news.  I am dropping down from a 5 day to 4 day week (sadly with the associated drop in pay).  I think this means the company I work for will be working me like a hound-dog for 4 days and then I will collapse on the Friday! However this is a deliberate commercial period of leanness because I am very excited with the prospect that at least for the next 5 Months I will have a clear Friday to focus on getting Gruntz V2 out along with various related hobby projects.  It may start to feel like a proper business if I can get my head turned back into rules production robot mode.  Salute is my target and at this point I don't want to go to that event without at least having a 99% ready to publish set of rules and I have the time now to make that happen.

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