Monday, September 2

Khurasan GOTA Clans Infantry

This weekend I just finished some new models from the Khurasan Zantin Reconquest setting.  These were a pleasure to paint and have very cool gas-mask helmets with interesting plated body armour which looks great from the back of the models (rear shots attached).

I used 5 pence pieces (UK) to base them and painted using P3 paints. Due to the small size of 15mm I often go for higher contrast on the models to allow things like guns and other details to stand out. So the weapons were a dull black with a subtle grey dry brush to contrast against the lighter colour of the uniform. All the models needed very little clean up and have very well posed stances. Check out the heavy weapon team from behind in the photos below, the model on the far right is walking in a way that suggests the weapon is heavy in his hands, which is amazing detail for a 15mm model. 

The Casualty model had a couple of additional holes drilled into his chest by me and after the miniatures were dull coated I used Tamiya Clear red to give him a gloss-blood look to the injury. 

I painted white into the visors and then used fluorescent red from Life Color over the dry white. Finally after dull-coating the models with spray matt varnish I used a splash of Games Workshop "Ardcoat" gloss varnish in the visors to make them shine a little.

Note that the larger squad heavy weapons below have stands folded back along the side of the weapon. Difficult to see unless you zoom in. So they can be used in prone mode.  Perhaps Khurasan could have some made up in the prone shooting position. :)

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