Monday, April 23

15mm SCFI photo shoot

Tonight I had a major post-Salute clear out of my hobby room and made some proper space to continue detailed playtesting. I have now got enough space to keep a board permanently up and ready to throw down some dice. 

After all the tidying I ran out of time for any proper staged photography but I did manage a few snaps to share. 

Some recon scouts, exploring a valley riverbed. Models by Art Crime. 

I also got a quick snap of some of the new Antenocitis Workshop 15mm miniature vehicles.  These look great and if I had more time I would add the wheels to the larger vehicle. Various 15mm scifi models for scale. 

A lone sniper lines up on party of heavy Guln warriors. 

Some surprise local fauna, unhappy to share their feeding ground. 

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  1. Great shots! Just please, whatever you do don't do anything too drastic to GRUNTZ! I was a hard sell at first given all of the other rules sets available, but I bought it and I LOVE IT!!! I actually have people interested and willing to play GRUNTZ with me, it is really helping bring 15mm alive in my area here across the pond and I would love to keep it alive!


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