Friday, January 27

Stunning Pictures of the Imperator

Spaceman Spiff has put a stunning version of the Imperator Mecha together. You can see them in action here.

He has added tooth pick ends into the missile launcher and some additional wire details on the back to feed the heavy energy weapon.  They are also photographed with some stunning background terrain which Spaceman Spiff is well known for on the various Battletech forums.

I am very happy to see this version of the 15mm mecha painted so well. Remember you can buy them here:


  1. Wow, love the lighting effect on the fist, great looking model.

  2. Excellent work on the Imperator. Spaceman Spiff always does awesome work. I remember his great conversions of MechWarrior Clix he used to post on MechWarrior Realms forums.


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