Monday, January 9

Critical Mass Games Airbrushing Protolene

It is Miniature Monday on Twitter (a day where miniature painters share their photos of new paint jobs) and my effort which was shared was some masking and airbrushing of a Digital camo type technique, using a range of products.

These I completed over the weekend, although the weathering and finishing stage of the models is yet to be finished and will be featured in the next video. It is in the format of a Youtube video guide / tutorial and includes a talk through of how I mask the digi camouflage and what methods I used for making the very small masks. These were made with art hole punches which come in a convient rectangle shape that is punched though the model masking tape.

Using the hole punches to create tiny masks for airbrushing was a bit of a breakthrough for me and saved a lot of time spent cutting out small sections of masking tape. It is the first time I have used the method, so still early days and not perfect yet.

 You can view the embedded video here or link to Youtube for a full screen HD guide.


  1. Great video, thanks. Remind me please, you mentioned the supplier of your decals in a previous video, but I can't find the reference. Where do you buy your decals again?

  2. The ones I currently have are from Fighting Piranha Graphics. However it is easier to simply search for Bandai Decals. They are very varied and great quality - you will find them on ebay.

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  4. So many wonderful minis in that cabinet.

  5. How about using some of those really thin masking tapes? I don't know how large those pieces are you made, but jammydog produces some nice masking tape starting from .5mm...


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