Monday, December 19

Imperator 15mm Mecha on sale.

The Imperator Mecha is now available to purchase from the Critical Mass Games on-line store and makes the perfect Christmas gift. They are doing an initial deal on four models as a battlegroup which gives you 4 models for the price of 3.

Critical Mass Games have also put a video together showing the build of the model on youtube. A handy guide for putting the large model together because some care is needed with items like the leg actuators (pistons) on the rear of the legs.

Full details of how to purchase the model are here on this Critical Mass Games link.

Video Build:


  1. Sweet! I think I'll be splashing out on one of those in the new year...

  2. Glad that you were able to get them made in resin.
    When I asked on the yahoo group, you were saying that they would have to be made in metal, as you could not find a company to resin cast them.
    Keeps the weight and more importantly the price down.

  3. Thanks for the support. It will help with the development of the next model!

  4. Ordered the battle group.
    I have GOT to start painting the CMG box sets I got at Salute.
    These should be a good incentive.


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