Friday, August 19

New 15mm Mecha News

The good news is that the 15mm Imperator mecha will soon be with me as a master to get into production. The even better news is that there should be a small range of mecha coming soon and the artwork is complete. It does depend on the success of producing and selling the first model, however I am keen to get the three follow-up models into production before the end of the year.

I really want to have a quality product in the new mechs and will share details as sculpting starts.

Here is a taster of the artwork for one of the newer mechs - The Drakken (a working title).  In this pic it has its chest casing open ready for the pilot to climb in.

Gruntz 15mm is now an Electrum seller on Wargames Vault which makes it in the top 8 wargames products sold on the site (for all time I think), really exciting news considering Gruntz 15mm has only been on sale for 7 weeks.   There are some images from inside the book on the Wargames Vault page for Gruntz which will give you a feel for the contents.

Work is underway on the latest update to the rules v1.1, which fix a few typos and explain some rules in more detail with clarification. It will be a free upgrade to the new v1.1 PDF for any buyers of the V1.  It will also be a print-on-demand option, so you can order a full hard copy directly on the site.  I intend to check the quality of this service in the next couple of weeks and will share images of the final printed product. They do use a printer in Europe and the US, so you won't have to pay for long distance shipping.   They don't have an Australian printer at this stage but I understand one is coming soon.


  1. oooooooo...I need some of those!!!

  2. Congrats on going electrim! You going to have them 3d modeled for production? Think it will look cool myself! good luck!

  3. I'm so happy to see these concepts! I've been longing for some non-DP9 humanoid mecha!

    15mm sci-fi today is often so focused on realistic (or perceived realistic) design that I think a lot of it has become a bit too homogenous. Would love to see you break some new ground in the community!


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