Sunday, May 8

New Youtube Review

This week has been very busy with several new additions in the Gruntz rulebook, including some nice story sections which have been slotted into the rules. Progress is being made on the final draft and I have some great help from members of the yahoo group.

I was also doing some physical stuff when I went to collect a selection of slabs for a garden patio project. They needed to be lifted from an existing location first by crowbar and then moved.  My body has just about survived... Today I did a 12 mile circuit route near the village of Liphook in Hampshire on the Mountain Bike. It was extremely muddy on the trails with many rutted areas which caused us some strain. Liphook has many good off-road and trail areas for cyclists to explore and is worth a visit. My route is mapped out here:

15mm SCI-FI photo form the last Gruntz photo-shoot.

This last Friday we played a Game of Thrones at a friends in Brighton. I actually won after being lucky and starting on Dragonstone and doing the classic move which took Kings Landing on the first turn.  It was handy having a kind neighbour to the North and one to the West that made a few bad early moves.   The expanded rules were used which included the ports, siege engines and fortifications.  The variant attack sequence where you have one of your lords selected from a hand of three was also used which made combat a little more random and less predictable.

It is still a classic game for us and was 4 hours of fun, banter and failed alliances!

Our "A Grame of Thrones" board game.

There is a new Youtube video with some a few reviews and sculpting ideas. This is the first in a new format of video where we attempted to sound interesting in front of the camera.  I am hoping we will improve as the weeks go by.  You can watch the video here or on youtube:

I also have a Youtube friend and sculptor that is trying to re-create the tank on the Gruntz cover. Progress so far is very interesting and you can see the model here:


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  2. Hi Robin - Love the video, nice approach. I have a question about the paint stand. Any advice how to stop it smelling? Great design but the laser cut MDF does smell a bit strong...

  3. It stops smelling after about a week. Mine is all fine now :)

  4. Thanks - mine lives in the shed for now by request of she-who-knows-all-and-must-be-obeyed!

  5. I'm following this Crusty mecha dissection with great interest!

    I think the original models has potential, but like you say, it's a bit static and the legs look a bit too... mundane.


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