Saturday, April 30

Weekend Gruntz Edit

Lots of editing of the Gruntz rules this weekend and a session of playtesting and photography.  I also seem to have caught a cold or similar which is not great during this sunny spell.

My Sky broadband is broken with only periodic access and I discovered a fault on the line but they won't come out to check unless you agree to a potential £120 visit plus £60 per hour charge.  The fault is so bad that you can even hear the crackle whilst on the phone. So I ceased my Sky broadband and talk and switched back to BT who actually have field engineers that will come and check for problems without the big fee. It took sky about 90minutes on the phone before they agreed that I had tried everything possible with switching filters and new cables/routers.  They actually thought it was my cross over cable between my PC and the router?!!!?*** How can that make a phone line crackle so badly that you can't hear people when you call them?

Sky only mention the £180 visit fee after trying everything else remotely. I would simply suggest to any UK followers of this blog - avoid sky broadband at all costs, it is a great service until something goes wrong and they can't support it. Life without reliable broadband is rough.

I was taking lots of photos of a mix of games this weekend but I can't share all of the photos because they are going into the Gruntz rules and I need a few surprises in the final release.
15mm Iron Wind Metals Mech photo with GZG models.

Robin in the Garage during a Gruntz 15mm SCI-FI game and photo shoot.


  1. Looking good Robin. Need to drop me a line and bring some Gruntz to the club on a Friday evening

  2. Free next Friday if you have space? Or most Friday's - give me a date and I will book it in.


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