Monday, April 4

Terrain in Progress

15mm SCI-FI Board Terrain
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Wow another weekend and probably a combination of about 10 hours work, mostly with a team of 3, so lots of man hours in total.

Strangely as you start to add the super detail and get stuck into things like drybrushing individual rocks the whole plan begins to slow down.

Still no clump grass, static grass or mini-bushes added, so what you see is the naked dry-brushed base board. The concrete areas are still just base coated with no weathering. Lots more happening this weekend to finish the board in an epic all day event.

The dry riverbed section was created with a slightly darker colour to represent the moister and muddier nature   of the riverbed. It will also have a few pools of muddy water to represent the residual water level in the ostensibly dry bed.

Via Flickr:
One half of the board, showing the dry riverbed area. Still work in progress. The dried river bed has some track marks made with lego wheels in filler. Currently working on drybrushing.


  1. This is coming along very well. I especially like the tread tracks in the riverbed. I never think of such cool details.

  2. Thanks Luckjoe, I was in the garage again last night and got some clump foliage into the cliff face and the black rocks along the riverbed drybrushed up. I will share some more pictures over the weekend when we make our final push to completion.

  3. I'm afraid i can't make Salute this year but i wish you all the best on the day.

  4. That is a shame, are you attending any of the other UK shows this year? Colours/Reading? I hope to get some video footage though, so you can have a virtual tour after the event.

  5. Terrain is like a Black hole it just sucks your time away. Nice work BTW.


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