Sunday, January 2

S6 Engineering Airfield

S6 Engineering who make the Gruntz tokens as pictured below (had to get a note in about them, they look great on the game table) have just released a new range of small scale airfield sections here

I have been a 6mm scale gamer for years using Battletech and Dirtside and more recently Future War Commander as my primary systems. I had in the past also run Battletech games with airfield objectives to destroy and never had a strip to lay down for the games.

2003 Battletech Game with Timecast Studios 6mm scale Airport building as an objective centre left.

clan objectives

Battletech Wargame

I think you could also easily double up the S6 airstrip terrain items to make a light airfield for 15mm scale games.

GruntZ game tokens from S6

New S6 Engineering Runway.


  1. wow that look like a heap of fun, real colourful havent seen anything like it before will come back and checkup on what you get up to

  2. Thanks for the write-up, I'll check them out!


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