Monday, November 8

N-Scale / 15mm HellHound

Orko has produced a very nice new Hellhound. sculpt in N-Scale, a miniature that works perfectly for 15mm wargames. of a   This model has a very interesting payload of weapons to deliver exceptional battlefield multi-role performance. If you are interested in adding yourself to the pre-order list for this model please contact me or join the Grunts yahoo group and submit your interest.  The final run of casts will be based on demand. This is a limited run of resin modular kit casts.  Orko's resin models are always very clean and sharp with no or little clean up required for modelling.

More detailed images of the model can be found in the Battletech Flickr link here:

N-Scale Hellhound


  1. Drop me an email to bilgepipe .....ATT....... for details.

  2. Email sent to you inrepose. Thanks, Jay

  3. Orko up to his usual magnificence again - I have some of his Mad Cat MkII's and an Archangel (?) - he does do fantastic work


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