Friday, November 12

The Grunts Universe is Born

I could not think of a suitably dramatic title so I went with the above..  Strictly speaking it is also not the Grunt's Universe. It is the Milky Way, our Galaxy in 2212 and the most of the political and empirical divisions include factions from the various miniature companies that have granted permission.

However these are not official backgrounds for any miniature companies featured and are unofficial.

The background documentation, available in the Yahoo Group provides an introduction which covers the core factions and some commercial and covert Commonwealth organisations.   I am not trying to re-invent the wheel.. ahem Galaxy, so I will not be touching the canon factions and their locations across the various systems.   What I have done is found some interesting places for the various Khurasan factions and started to build a timeline of how the human Commonwealth has made contact with them.

The Grunts part of the background is still several pages long and provides detail on the technology, like planet based wormholes used for rail-links between systems and Mindwells which are advanced sentient computers linked by Mindhubs on the Neural Network.  It is all still work in progress, so as time progresses you will see more meat on the bones.

Below is a sample of the PDF star map, which shows all Stars in the Milky Way galaxy that could potentially support life. Full credit for the original Full Thrust / GZG starmap goes to Winchell Chung who created the model.

The small section of the Universe shown in the image below shows some of the Khurasan factions on the map with notable areas labelled as the Garn incursion and Vespulid home systems.

The full PDF map includes these details.  Unless you have an A0 or A1 printer at work this star map is going to be difficult to print, however you might get away with a reasonable looking hard copy if you shrink to fit on an A3 size.

Collaborative contribution to the Grunts setting is welcome so members of the Yahoo group are welcome to read, complain and suggest new ideas.  I have yet to finish the final few years before 2212, the current year in Grunts so ideas are welcome.

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  1. If you do want to get it printed, I thoroughly reccomend these guys:

    Cheap, fast and really good quality. I've printed an A1 size map exported from Campaign Cartographer for my fantasy campaign and it looks the dogs danglies.


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