Saturday, September 11

Colours Wargame Show - GZG

I visited Colours at the Newbury Race Course today.  I avoided two nasty accidents on the M25 on route, one where a car was suffering a problem like that of a can of spam, where the roof had been torn off when another vehicle had driven over it.

The show was great, lots to see and I came away heavily weighed down with GZG 15mm miniatures and a few bits of very interesting 15mm terrain which I will detail in a blog soon.

I have lots of good pictures from around the show (mostly 15mm SCI-FI from GZG). You can see them here on my flickr link.


Colours Wargames Show - 15mm Photos and Pictures


  1. Awesome photos! Love all that GZG 15mm goodness. Makes me wish I lived in the UK, so I could more easily feed my habit.

  2. Some awesome pics mate, makes me feel like I was there........:)

  3. Wow. Thanks for posting all of these up. You are one industrious fellow.
    !!! I Had no idea how nice the GZG V15-49A 'Cockroach' troop transport VTOL looked! The picture on Jon's site does it no justice at all.

  4. I am just putting my two roaches I picked up at the show together now. Very nice models.


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