Friday, August 13

V0.51 Rules and Youtube Battlereport

The GruntZ rules have had a minor point change with the addition of two pages on situational examples and a turn sequence (pretty vital really).  I am conscious of the fact that a lot of the rules are written from the perspective of someone who knows how it plays, so some of the basics might not be as clear.

I am hoping the play testers get a bit more of the basic info in this update.  If you are on the playtest circulation, don't hesitate to email me with any questions or feedback.

The latest Youtube report is very hastily put together due to time constraints, but I hope it is a short and sweet taster of how the Beta game is evolving.

I am going to be very busy with work over the next 2 weeks, so updates will slow down for now. Please be patient if you have requested the rules, they will be with you soon.


  1. I´d like a copy of the rules as well. I´m interested in giving it a read from the actual text point of view (making sure someone completely new to it can understand it)

    My email is doguipreacher at gmail dot com


  2. My previous comment somehow disappeared. Anyway, I'd be interested in playtesting the rules.



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