Thursday, August 12

v0.5 of GruntZ rules - Play Test update

Thanks to everyone playtesting and feeding back on the GruntZ 15mm skirmish system. Last night we had another long session of working through the rules and ironing out some of the minor situational problems.

One interesting example was the vehicle ram rules. During the game we had one light tank which had been reduced to only a few damage points make a last effort to ram a set of three GZG shielded spider droids. In the rules they have an opportunity to make a skill check to avoid the ram which one of the three droids achieved, however the remaining two were struck and knocked down, taking some damage.

As players we decided that the two struck droids would be knocked down on the spot avoiding the need for lots of rules covering shunts. Vehicle rules are still being fine tuned and are WIP, they are key to the game of GruntZ because the experience of using the excellent 15mm vehicles ranges should provide a distinct and rich gaming experience.

The GZG Spider Droids faired well on the battlefield and their shielding and 5 wounds each, made them a formidable specialist unit on the table. The shields work only until they take their first damage point, each which point they are overloaded and lose part of their defence until repaired or destroyed.

The playtest game was filmed and photographed and will be detailed tonight in a short Youtube battle report.


  1. I really liked this post. I love game design chat, and this is what it is (not going too deep into things, letting outsiders like me know what´s going on). Also cannot wait for the video!!

  2. hello, is it possible to get a copy of beta gruntz, my buddy and i could playtest and give feedback
    email is crowmag99@yahoo .com

    thanks stephen


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