Saturday, August 28

Saturday Update

Here in the UK it is bank holiday weekend, so I have an extended short break through until Tuesday when I return to work. So far I have managed to continue work on the stat cards to make them "home printer" friendly and combined the time in the bowels of Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop.  The XLS spreadsheet of the stats is now imprinted on my retina.

The stat points are slowly forming after many iterations and simplifications. The crucial ranges of statistics are now finished so any 15mm manufacturer model could be picked up and assigned a payload / size / mobility etc with support in the unit building blocks to field it.

Tonight on the Yahoo group I released the latest stat blocks on the play-testers together with the profile card templates and an overview. If you are interested in trying out the rules, just head over to the yahoo group and sign up.   

The actual profile cards are PDF forms, so when you drop the stats into the PDF you can save them for repeat printing or submit them to me for official clean up and upload.

This is a quick preview of the intro PDF which explains the different unit types - a companion to the newly released PDF statistics cards. The full PDF is available in the files section of the Yahoo Group.

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