Sunday, April 25

Salute Wargames Show 2010 - Photo Links

It is the day after Salute and the bank manager is coming around to discuss why, like a magpie, I bought lots of shiny toys rather than getting the leaking taps fixed?

Lots of very nice items to be seen at the show, including an excellent Critical Mass games 15mm terrain layout which looked very sharp.

The new Freebooter Fate skirmish wargame from the Miniature company Freebooter was enjoyable, I played the demo and enjoyed the diceless approach to attacks. It was detailed and a fun way to fire muskets and get into the pirate mood. I bought the rules and will share more detail after a few test games with the local group.

I took dozens of photos of miniatures and terrain layouts. Have a look here for over 80 pictures of the event Salute 2010 Wargames Photo's

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