Sunday, January 15

Adding Decals to Airbrushed 15mm Tanks and Mecha

I am close to the weathering stage on these models from Critical Mass Games and Ground Zero Games. In last weeks video I showed the stencil airbrush technique and in this follow up vid I am covering the use of decals and how to add them to 15mm SCI-FI models. I use the Micro Sol liquid which is great for smoothing out decals and making them very flat against the miniature.

Water-Slide decals are quick to use and add some nice details to 1/100 scale models. I use decals from various ranges including the Bandai Gundam decals and Fighting Piranha Graphics who make decals for Battletech.

Next week I hope to finish the video with the weathering stage. It is important to weather tanks and mecha before you weather to avoid them standing out too much on the model.