Wednesday, June 15

Rottenlead 5 Vlog Update

Latest Rottenlead episode5 video is uploaded.

In this episode:

Updated progress on GZG Prawn Mecha
Quick look at the finished GZG NAC Specialist unit (Another video of the full painting process to follow soon).
New Pre-release items on show from Critical Mass Games (15mm SCI-FI)
Saving money by converting Games Workshop Chaos Hounds to Flesh Hounds with green stuff.
Showing off my new HPC airbrush.
A look at the Tamiya Weathering powders and a quick look at using them on a vehicle.

Tonight we are recording another episode and will be starting a "How to build a Gruntz' army in 15mm.

Very rough main camera on this weeks episode because we were experimenting by using the HD camera on the miniatures rather than on our faces.