Monday, June 6

Rottenlead 4 Vlog Update

The latest lengthy video update was uploaded last week.  This was a milestone for us with a new mini-cam showing the painting and sculpting whilst we talked.  It was a bit of a challenge to do the combination of painting with video work, so coming up this week we have refined the process again to try and capture the mini's as best as possible (they are far more interesting to look at than our faces).

I also completed separate 50minute guide to painting the GZG Nac high energy laser specialist unit for the Gruntz game. This separate guide is currently in post production and needs me to finish the voice over. It is a realtime complete paint job on the model so you get to see the entire paint job (with no faces in the picture).

This edition has us talking about Hell Boy, 15mm update on the Crusty Mecha and paint work starting on the NAC forces.  Richard also details some initial "How to Sculpt" steps for people wanting to add bags and pouches to 15mm sci-fi miniatures. It is a long episode with all the errors and false starts included.

In other news I turned 40 this last weekend.  I am now officially a middle aged gamer and desperately trying to not become my father.   It has given me some renewed enthusiasm and energy for Gruntz and the rules are getting very close to being complete for a V1 PDF release.  I hope to have news out this week.

You can watch the vlog update here or double click to view on Youtube.


  1. Love it! And nothing wrong with being a mature gamer. I myself will soon turn 37!

    Good vblog and keep gaming!!

  2. Thanks Lord Siwoc, I will continue to act like a 12 year old for the rest of my life ;)


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