Sunday, December 26

15mm Mechs

Originally uploaded by inrepose

These are three mechs I have been working on over Xmas, lined up for their base coat in the spray booth. They arrived Xmas eve and almost eclipsed the build up of excitement for Xmas!

They are being based on 60mm Hex bases from Made from MDF they are 2mm thick and perfect for a standard size for these larger mechs. At the time of writing this article they are $1.60 for  six of the 60mm hex bases. Follow the link for details.

I used the usual texture gel and sand mix with a couple of chunks of spare junk from the bits box to add detail to the bases. I will post progress as they make it through to being painted and weathered.

This is the Hex base up close.

I also have some 15mm Artillery which is underway and placed on some resin bases from Kerr and King.