Tuesday, April 30

Camo Schemes for Airbrushing

Viper AggressorAggressor F-15 with burners blazingRed Flag 13-3 Northrop F-5N Tiger II #761589 US Marines VMFT-401 "Snipers" (Marine Fighter Training Squadron - Aggressor) MCAS Yuma, AZF-15C Eagle AggressorSailing Into Vlissingen Today We Had A Race, Which We LostDeath Jesters on the Move
Aggressor ViperAGRSF-18 aggressor-7055General Dynamics F-16C Viper USAF 85-1418 64th Aggressor Squadron (64 AS) WA 57th Adversary Tactics Group (57 ATG)F-16C 86-0291 / 64th AGRSF-16C 86-0299 / 64th AGRS
64TH AGRS, RED FLAG NELLIS AFBBAF RS01 SeakingCamoF-5E Tiger IIs @ MCAS YumaF-5E Tiger IIs @ MCAS YumaRazzle Dazzle Camo
Camo Schemes, a gallery on Flickr.
It is often difficult to get really creative for a sci-fi style camo scheme. If I ever spot a camoflauge scheme on Flickr I will add the best to a gallery which I can go back and explore when I feel the need.

Follow this link to have a look at this mostly US Airforce / Marines images which have some great camo.

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