Tuesday, March 19

How to Play Gruntz 15mm.

This weekend I put a second two hour video together which covers the last part of this 15mm SCI-FI solo game. The game itself used Khurasan Space Demons used as proxies for the Gruntz Heliopause setting "Prime aliens".  I also used the GZG NAC troops to represent East Hyadum Trade forces.

The scenario was an attack on an outpost scientific base.  The Mil-Sec ARM forces were investigating genetic manipulation of the Prime queen in a clandestine operation on the planet Hera.  After discovering the research base the East Hyadum Trade corporation decided to shut it down.  

This part two of the lengthy game session includes every dice rule, move and attack in detail with discussion on tactics and play method. It uses the alternative optional activation sequence from the rules which makes use of a card sequence mechanic.

Halfway into this solo game I was joined by Jonathan Rogers who kindly helped me move things along to get through the lengthy recording session.  So thanks for Jonathan for helping out and pushing for the final showdown with the Prime queen.

At the beginning of the youtube video I have inserted an index, so you can jump to a couple of sections should you not have the patience to stick with the full show. I have been told that it makes a good background video during a painting session.

Don't hesitate to fire off questions regarding the rules, either as a comment on the video or a post here. 

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