Monday, September 10

Gruntz now in final draft.

I can't believe the 1.1. update is almost done. Last night a draft went out to a group of proof readers, so if all goes to plan I should have some edits and typo fix work to complete next weekend before completing the PDF upload to the Wargames Vault and the prints for the Indiegogo project supporters.

The rules have grown from v1 at 88 pages to  v1.1 at 136 pages which was a signifiant overhaul!   The core mechanisms are the same with the focus of improvements being tweaks and changes suggested by the community. It is still a simple game to learn and play with limited table reference for a speedy game.   I have added more charts and diagrams to make it easier for a first time player to understand the turn sequence, activation and various core rules.

In addition to the rules clarifications, points system update and additions there are some new artworks from Jake Parker, Aris Kolehmainen and story intros for the factions from Jennifer Borzek.  Jenny is a professional award-winning writer and her story intros are well worth reading, even if you have your own preferred setting to use with the game.  Jenny has already had people ask for expansion to some of the story hooks so this might be a future project.

It has ultimately been a personal struggle with Adobe DTP products and my creative ability to convert my ideas into something worth reading and playing (which are sometimes lacking).  However none of this version would be possible without a lot of community help,  ideas and play test feedback.

The 1.1 update is free to existing buyers of the v1 PDF and the download message will be sent from the Wargames Vault when the final proof reader edits are updated.  If you have not previously bought it from the Vault but supported the Indiegogo project I will be adding you to a download link which will also point you at a free download on the Wargames Vault.    The print copies for Indiegogo pleaders will follow shortly after when the copy is processed and shipped. I don't have an exact date because it depends on the printer timeframes which should not be more than 10 or so days after the PDF - but please don't hold me to it because I will be dependant on the print third party to process things quickly.

For players that were not printed copy supporters of the indiegogo project, I am working through the cost options for the final printed copy for "Print on Demand" and I am aiming to keep the price low and accessible like the PDF version.

Thanks again to everyone that has provided support and encouragement.  I will post news again over the next week when I have the proof edits back.

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