Monday, July 23

Heliopause Story Arc's

The new story-arc intros are complete for about 10 of the factions and they are stunning little story intros by Jennifer Brozek. I read them back to back last night and felt a terrible desire to ask Jenny to turn it into a book!  

It is fantastic that they have come in on time to allow me to get them into the new 1.1 rules. I am really hoping that readers will enjoy them as much as I did, even if you don't wan't a setting to play in you should still be able to enjoy her writing and the ideas for games and encounters they stimulate.

Here is the Heliopause faction relationship overview diagram. The background intros cover almost all the factions with some excellent sci-fi by Jenny.  The intros often include some political intrigue and hooks between the factions, so you might be reading about the East Hyadum Trade Company (EHTC) but hearing about their approach to an engagement with ARM. 

More hi-res versions of this image on Flickr here:

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  1. How awesome! What a wide cross-section of available faction backgrounds... Can't wait for the release!


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