Saturday, March 24

Work Continues on 1.1.

Just finished a draft of the new "Gruntz Specialist".  The Specialist unit type has now been split into two separate unit types: Vehicle Specialist and Gruntz Specialist.  The Vehicle Specialist is the hard mechanical kit, like spider droids, small robot mecha and various other drones and hardware.   This enabled a clear separation between the potentially fast moving vehicles and the softer troop type specialists like Medics, Snipers, Engineers and Sub-Commanders.   It does mean another two page spread in the builder section to cover the vehicles and a lot of clarification on the standard Specialist page.  

Somehow the edits are taking longer than writing the original rules, however I do have a clear strategy to get these updates complete and ready for the print on demand release coming in the next 2 Months.  Here is a double page spread with the draft Gruntz specialist update. 


  1. Very nice, thanks for the updates... Quick question, are you sticking with the 6-man unit for 1.1?

  2. Super news Robin. Not surprised to hear this important process is taking longer than anticipated. Still rooting for you here on the side-lines! Go Gruntz!!!

  3. love the game would like to see a smaller damage class then scouts maybe a 2 hit gruntz specialist for small 2 man weapon teams? would allow for support weapon teams a la Heavy Machine Gun to cover the troops while not taking twice the damage that a normal grunt would. ie one hit per crewman not 2 hits per crewman like the scouts class would give them when you base the team together. just a thought.


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