Tuesday, September 13

Eureka Fighting 15's German SCI-FI

When I visited the Isle of Wight on Vaction/Holiday this year I picked up some Eureka Miniatures SCI-FI Germans.  Here are some close ups of them using my new HD cam.  A little blurry as I get used to the instructions.

You can purchase these German SCI-FI miniatures directly from the Fighting 15's web site.


  1. Referred from your prior videos, I picked up some Vallejo Black Lava texture. It works great for bases, and much easier then what I was using before. Keep em coming!

  2. Thanks for the note. Yes it speeds up basing. I just helped my son base 60 skaven and high elves and we used the black lava with some added sand, it made it a very quick process.

  3. Very nice miniatures. Have to pick them up.


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