Friday, July 15

Rottenlead Episode 6

Topics include 15mm SCI-FI (GZG Tanks and NAC), Sculpting 15mm, Mecha Update, Infinity Models and a mix of topics about Gruntz.  This was recorded before Gruntz was released and has taken a while to organise...

Some of the editing is a little rough because I am getting used to a new application which caused me some issues at times and  I had a crash which wiped about 4 hours work. Naturally when I came back to edit again I was in a bit of a rush and did not tidy the transitions  as much as I should.


  1. As all ways love the vid. I am curious as to what you use to shoot, and edit your viedos. I like the picture in picture effect.


  2. Another nice video! Btw: what manufacturer does the 20mm(?) bases you used for your gruntz (video at 32 minutes)?

  3. @Noel - I use a very old 1080i Panasonic Video Cam which records to SD disk. It was one of the first nearly HD standard cams you could buy and I bought it back in 2007. It does a good job considering its 5 year vintage. I then use Final Cut Pro and Motion on the Mac to produce the vidz. This particular episode was a major pain because stopping and starting the mini-cam results in me having to sync all the different clips which takes about 5 hours! The best method for anyone wanting to dual camera is to roll for the whole episode rather than stop start. It reduces post production time by hours.

  4. @Tezzea - You can't get those bases without buying the Old Crow Models infantry. However you can get resin versions from Old Crow if you check there site and the resin ones are just as good.


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