Wednesday, July 27

GZG Modification to Turrets

Originally uploaded by inrepose

Trying out some subtle and small modifications to some tanks as I base up all of my backlog of resin and metal.

In this photo I have made a variant of the light GZG wheeled tank by switching out the RAC for a light plasma turret, adding a different hatch top and a "manga pod" thing has been bolted on the back. I was trying to get an Appleseed feel to the model.

For the APC version I have added a flamer turret and a couple of "exposed" bottles. Not a great idea bolting your ammo to the hull but I think it makes it clear what the model is on the table and adds a bit of detail.

The other GZG scout class tanks have had very minor changes like a head swap and an additional machine gun from DP9.

Lots more to do on these!


  1. Really like the GZG stuff - excellent work :D

  2. Some great modifications, but I really like the scifi honeys in the background!

    Given the huge number of historical vehicles available, show how to go about converting them seems like a good way to go.


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