Thursday, July 7

Gruntz Top Seller on Wargames Vault

It is thanks to the community in the Gruntz yahoo group and other followers of the rules development that Gruntz is now the number one seller on the Wargames Vault web site and classed as a "Silver Seller".

It is only $9 which is around £5.50 for the PDF, which is a pound more expensive than White Dwarf, Miniature Wargaming and Wargames Illustrated. So not a bad price for a good read and some interesting rules (I hope!).  A big thanks to everyone who has invested so far.

Some of the comments on the site include:

I was really impressed with this set of rules - complex enough to provide a challenge for gamers with a simplicity that allowed fast & fun games.......

......All in all this seems like a fast, fun, light, wargame written with a real love of 15mm miniatures. It is a very nice looking document that gives you all you need to play and for the price is excellent value for money......

......But the unexpected thing that really struck me about this game when I received my copy of V.1.0 was the accessibility and organisation of the book. Not just another pretty face; Gruntz delivers an easy, structured read well suited to the both the first time gamer unfamiliar with basic terms and the experienced Grognard looking for something shiny and new.

I know that not everyone is a background "fluff" fan, however for those that do like to read a little about the Heliopause setting in Gruntz here is a taster from the rules, a story excerpt by Duncan Gosling:

Hidden from view by the smoggy clouds above the sprawling Domo-Centre of Edo the Loricatus mecha cracked its way through the sound barrier effortlessly; its smooth grey and taupe panelling hiding its lethal cargo of mould-metal weaponry. Seamlessly the entire flying mecha began to prepare to slip out of flight mode, anticipating the thoughts of Triskin like an extension of his own body safely cocooned in mecha’s chest - a human heart to the godlike automaton of war.

“Delta – Alpha – Niner; you are clear to engage rogue target. Code blue – collateral damage acknowledged and deemed acceptable. Good luck Triskin.”

The vocis rhetorica speaker crackled with static and was silent again. Triskin Lowe’s illuminated display wrapped around his senses; studying the schematic map of the city looking at the various marked targets were laid out in front of him. Cred banks, Law Giver offices, Communication silos and even a hospital; the strike was designed to neuter Edo. Triskin signalled to his 2 wing men to advance; flashing the battle schema across to them and instructions to remain silent on the vocis rhetorica network. The massive Loricatus engines shuddered into life their towering legs propelling them towards Edo.

The drone of the Guass Cannon reloading filled Triskins cockpit the heavy shelled clunking into the breach as the skilful Loricatus pilot swung the colossal machine round to its next target; half a klick away Triskins other Loricatus’ were sweeping towards the Central Law and the Judgement district. Edo was unprepared for an assault by the relentless goliaths and the panic and death toll was vast.

Red flashes pinging up on Triskins display as another small squad of Law Givers had begun returning fire down the street their light laser rifles spat angrily towards Triskin – harmlessly pattering off the thick shielding of the Loricatus’ carapace. His mind quickly overlaid the priority targets, shifting through the objectives and adjusting his own trajectory based on new threat signatures. Swinging the Guass Cannon away and bringing up his heavy gatling ioniser Triskin shredded the men in a bloody fountain of gore; bodies popped with an audible wetness as the Law Givers weapons fell silent. Civilians milled round in utter confusion unable to find a safe haven in Edo from the rampaging war engines. Rotating around Triskin levelled the Guass Cannon down the street and unleashed the massive round at a Civilian Currus Transporter.

The massive detonation blew the vehicle over the street and ejected the broken rag dolls that were once passengers out of shattered windows and warped doors. Mutilated corpses scattered themselves is a horrific tableaux to dismayed onlookers; broken body parts and gore spilt into the gutter choking the drains. The green glow of the instrumentation illuminated the unflinching face of Triskin Lowe as he resolutely went about his grim business; his eyes widened as the display brought up the glimmering specks of Law Giver Tac-copters. Vocis net silence shattered.

“Varney! Filgum! Birds in the air!”

The warning came too late for the 2 Loricatus pilots wading through the Judgement District – advanced Phased Frequency Missiles arced through the smoky atmosphere - their sparkling trails flickering through the Vedello Valley and bypassing the heavy shielding of the Loricatus engine to rent deep holes in its armoured hides. The machines staggered against the wind of destruction, smoke billowing from yawning holes as they tried to return fire against the agile flyers.

Triskin data-vised the whole engagement on the battle schema and heard every word over the vocis rhetorica net. The Loricatus pilots were struggling to lock on to the elusive skimmers whose missiles made a mockery of the advanced shield on each craft; impact after impact rocked the machines sending them crashing through perma-crete admistratum buildings to lie as ruined hulks straddling the rubble. Triskin was alone and Edo was winning.


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