Tuesday, April 19

Updates to the About Page

Just a quick update with news that the About page has had a minor update with a link to a guide on how "shooting" and basic movement works in Gruntz.   There is also a photo of me, so if you did not catch me at Salute 2011, you can see me in a Neolithic settlement in Ireland.

Thanks to everyone that popped by the stand at Salute, I was drained by the afternoon because the weeks of preparation had taken there toll!  I have video of the event which will be uploaded tonight on youtube.
Gruntz at Salute 2011


  1. so my friend really did make it onto the site after all. but is it true he was in a demo game? have to wait till tonight to find out then.

  2. The person in blue and the one in black played. I think the person in the grey top did not play, but things were a blur - so I he may have had a go!

  3. one in black played? yep thats him. he will be thrilled to be on youtube.

  4. the table looked superb, and I was wondering on the way home what the system etc.. was think I'll have to check this out ;)


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