Wednesday, March 23

Spurts of Gruntz Activity

A quick update in the build up to Salute 2011.   I finally have my points calculation working!  It took 10+ solid hours in excel but I no longer have to do things manually. I had the method but not the automation which is now in place. It is still a little rough around the edges but will be ready to launch with v1 to aid army building.

This means cards with "points on" coming very soon to the yahoo list  because the previous task of manually calculating the points for every tank/unit is no longer an issue for my data merge.  I am working on a set of Gruntz starter armies for Salute with Critical Mass Games which will include profile cards which I will share on here by the end of this weekend (now I have a challenge!).   CMG have whispered news about some upcoming releases which I am sworn to secrecy on but if they make it into the Salute launch I will basically be without money for the rest of the year and have an unhappy wife!

Rules work is still ongoing with some significant progress made over the weekend on the group basing rules layout - 90% laid out now.      The Salute terrain also had some attention last night and over the weekend.  It has taken on a different life since the painting and drybrushing started which makes it feel more together, although many more hours are required. 

On the 15mm mecha front there are now 2 "Gruntz" design sculpts.  One has been sculpted and another is in progress and based on some official artwork by the famed Mecha artist David White.  I can't promise a release date on these because casting and production has not been sorted yet.  More news on this later in Spring. 

A quick shot of the latest update on the 15mm SCI-FI terrain table project. The base coat for the sand areas is now on but everything is wet in this photo hence the shine from various areas. Much more super-detailing work is still required with static grass, weathering of roads and pools of boggy water in the dry river bed. Not to mention the forest of palms, street lights, power line and bridge. Only 3 weeks to go to get this finished! 


  1. Looking great! Can't wait to see the finished battlefield!

  2. he board is looking great.. The tough part is out of the way, the detailing is the best part of the job ;)

  3. That's terrain is coming along nicely. And great news on the points calculator.

  4. Looking good my man...looking GOOD!

  5. I'll say Hi at Salute, if you have time that is to say Hi?


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