Sunday, February 6

Khurasan Octopus God

Khurasan Miniatures are releasing a new range of Cultist inspired 1930's style 15mm miniatures, starting with some Octopus God cultists and a fantastic monster creature the "Octopus God".  I have created some profile cards for these figures, along with some updates for Rebel Miniatures "Sahadeens". The various Sahadeens are now split into the traditional Gruntz unit design of Squad Attachments, Specialists, A Commander and a a standard Gruntz squad. You can download all of these new PDF profiles from here:  Yahoo Group Files Section

The Octopus God is classed as a Monster in Gruntz, so the damage resolution is the same as vehicles  accept the critical blocks are renamed to Armour, Mobility and Shock to represent the organic nature of Monsters.  He is also the largest Assault class of Monster and capable of dealing some significant damage while stomping ahead or providing support to the Octopus Cultists. 



  1. Of course the Octopus monster is missing the all important Perkz of

    'destroyed....roll 1D4 and come back in that many turns completely healed and ready to go...start process all over again' :)

  2. I might also need to complete a Gruntz module with other details that cover "madness"...


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