Tuesday, November 30

15mm New Products

In this news update I feature myself on camera, which is both disturbing and bloody difficult to film naturally! 20 takes later and I was able to say "Kaamados Dominion - Dragamaa Heavy". It is another un-boxing overview video with a mix of Critical Mass Games models and Khurasan.

The featured new item is the Chewk Drill Tank which I have filmed in its unpainted state. Along with a couple of the little Chewks, which are nice tiny aliens.

I also picture the Kerr and King bases which are perfect for small artillery or vehicle bases, if you want a urban or rural look.


  1. Loads of new toys mate!
    Khurasan stuff is really nice, damn, I still want the Vespulids!

  2. Are you going to make it through the snow for a game this week?

  3. Great updates, thanks for sharing!

  4. WOW! My greatest compliments for your VERY nice blog!!

  5. one of your guys messaged us a while back - but didnt leave a valid email address to get back to! Anyway - to answer his question: 2 types of 15mm concrete barriers will be out before Xmas.

    Loving the blog btw!


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