Saturday, July 3

Battle Report for Gorten Rhulic caster and Goreshade the Bastard

My latest video battlereport for Warmachine MKII with a set piece battle between Gorten for the Rhulic merc force and Goreshade the Bastard with his Deathjack.

The Mercs were the weaker of the two forces, however they held their ground well and stripped most of the Cryx troops off the table.

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  1. Excellent battle report narration and the miniatures and terrain. A lot of people seem to almost overlook the terrain so it distracts a bit when all the minis are well painted and you get some trees and hills straight out of the box.

    I'm researching my next war game move, thinking of War machines because I think there will be fewer miniatures to collect than some other systems.

    Would you recommend Warmachine ? I'm a fairly experienced gamer (mainly Fantasy Battle) so I would like something with enough detail and tactical variation to get my teeth into but I don't want to embark on a new system if it's likely to end up costing my hundreds and hundreds of gold crowns :)

    I really like your blog, I've added my self to your followers.

    Keep up the good work,
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