Monday, September 5

Arc Trooper Conversions

Gruntz forum member raziel has made some great progress on some custom changes to his Arc troopers for Gruntz. He has modified some of figures for the command bases and is using 5pence pieces which is my normal choice for 15mm models.  

He has also been using some of the Windsor and Newton texture gel which I describe using in my "Basing 15mm Miniatures" video guide on Youtube.   Since the time this video was recorded I have started to use the newer Windsor texture gel which has volcanic rock particles in the mixture. You can see these as black dots in Raziel's photos below.

To see more of his great work, check out this forum post for the discussion. 

Arc Drop Troopers from Critical Mass Games.

VTOL Roach with Missiles from GZG

Gruntz Commander (Critical Mass Games Arc Trooper)